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The Debate over Gay Marriage

Boston Police Shield Gay Bride from ProtestorsThe debate over gay marriage is intentifying around the country. While the issue has moved off the front pages of newspapers it is important to many including same sex couples, civil libertarians, relgious conservatives. This powerful documentary examines the political and personal dynamics behind the debate. We hear the story of a state senator who started a refferendum to ban gay marriage, and his gay son who got married in San Fransisco.

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FCC Localism Hearings

Consolidated MediaJust six companies own and control most of what we see and hear on television and radio. What impact does consolidation of media outlets have on our lives? To what extent are media moguls setting the agenda at the FCC? How can ordinary citizens act to reclaim their systems of communiication? This week, Sprouts looks at localism in media.

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Election 2004 Special Coverage:

Electoral College MapSprouts continues to look at underreported issues of the 2004 election. We examen what issues are forgotten during the campaign. Will the draft return? What do does media consolidation mean for the campaign? Will the candidates respond to dire warnings concerning global food security? What ballot initiatives are suceeding. Also what does the election mean for third parties like the Greens or Libertarians?

 April 1st: Electronic Voting Machines
 March 24th: Connecticut, An Epidemic of Corruption
 March 3rd: Green Presidential Debates
 February 25th: Forgotten Presidential Issues
 January 7th: Elections, beyond the mainstream

Under Attack - Arabs and Muslims Post 9-11

Since September 11th, 2001 law enforcement has treated Muslims harshly. This week's show puts forward first hand accounts by detainees, their families, and immigrant rights advocates. We hear from Japanese interned during WWII who caution us not to repeat history. A Canadian citizen, Maher Arer, was detained by US authorities during a New York stopover on his way home from vacation in Tunisia. He was deported to Syria where he was tortured. A New York civil rights attorney was indicted by John Ashcroft for materially aiding a terrorist organization. These voices and others are on this week's Sprouts.

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Since this documentary was first produced, Farouk Abdel-Muhti died.  Abdel-Muhti was a longtime contributer to WBAI in New York. He had an apparent heart attack last Wednesday. In a speech that night he called for unity among groups fighting for social justice.

 Listen to his last speech (audio courtesy of Democracy Now)

Paul Wellstone - A Life Remembered

Paul Wellstone PhotoOn October 25th, 2002 Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash. Produced by KFAI News, this two part documentary examines the political career of one of our nationís most unconventional politicians, from his unique teaching style at Carleton College, and how his grassroots experience landed him a Senate seat. We hear from Wellstoneís colleagues at Carleton, satirist AL Franken, the Nationís John Nichols, and organizers of Wellstone Action.

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