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About the show:

Sprouts is a half-hour newsmagazine produced and broadcast by a growing list of community radio stations.

Our mission is to bring new voices to the airwaves, increase communication between this larger community of media producers of conscience, and encourage production collaboration across geographical distances via the Internet.

Every week Sprouts broadcasts stories from local communities with national significance. The features are produced independently, but are generally tied by a common theme. Recent shows have focused on the National Conference on Media Reform, the 2004 Election, and the history of Low Power FM.

We aim to bring unique voices from many individual parts of the country, joined together within the context of issues of national scope. We always welcome new members and provide support for to them via conference calls and other forms of communication. We seek diverse voices and viewpoints, new producers coming to the air, and the unique viewpoints from local areas.

History of Sprouts:

Sprouts began immediately after the invasion of Iraq. During the first week, approximately 8 stations affiliated with the Pacifica radio network collaborated with Pacifica programmers to help with national war coverage.

When coverage ended, Pacifica kept space on the satellite for affiliate programming.  There was an interest in actively developing the presence of voices from producers from affiliated stations on the KU Band, as well as featuring affiliated stations.  Stations not affiliated with Pacifica have since produced and broadcast Sprouts.   Coverage which originally focused on Iraq expanded to other issues of social justice.

Sprouts is produced by a rotating corps of volunteers.  We have trained several local reporters to cover their communities and work with people of all ages and abilities.  The program is barely a year old and continues to grow.  We hope you continue listening, and continue to create media in your communities.

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