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The Environment
June 4, 2003


Native Americans Circle Lake Superior to Raise Awareness

A recent report by the National Wildlife Federation measured mercury levels near the Great Lakes 10 to 100 times the acceptable level. Meanwhile, states such as Wisconsin are scaling back water quality regulation. On April 18th, a group of Native American women decided to take the issue into their own hands. They walked around lake superior to raise awareness of water quality in the Great Lakes. The 13-hundred mile journey started in Bad River Wisconin. Violet Kabiosi participated in the walk. She spoke with WORT reporter Gordon Heingartner on what she hoped to accomplish.

Public Health Advocates Call for Sanitation in India

Public health advocates in India charge that successive governments have endangered the health of Indians by not prioritizing sanitation. Out of the 100 million people living in India, bearly forty percent have toilets, according to the estimates of one non-governmental organization studying the issue. Binu Alex reports from India.

Citizens Organize in Colorado Against Biopharm Crops

Biopharmeceuticals are biological substances made with genetically engineered crops and animals, rather than isolated from biological materials. The debate between the biopharmaceutical industry and it's critics heated up recently, when both sides failed to agree in talks on strengthening regulations for the industry. The lack of regulations is one of the reasons farmers in Colorado are concerned about a recent application to grow biopharm crops in the state. Maeve Conran from KGNU in Boulder has more.

Timber Wars Heat Up Again in Humbolt County, California

The Timber Wars in Northern California are heating up again, after some ground was gained by environmentalists. Tree sitters are being forcibly removed from the forests, while Humboltís new District Attorney faces a recall campaign after filing an anti-fraud lawsuit against Pacific Lumber. Alicia Littletree of KZYX in Ukiah California brings us this report.

California to Vote on Solar Building Mandates

Clean energy advocates are hailing a bill in the California state legislature that would require solar panels on newly constructed houses. Meanwhile, municipalities and organizations around the state are taking initiative on their own to increase their use of solar energy. Keith Rozendal from KCSB in Santa Barbara reports.

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